The Spectacular Spectrum of the Holy Spirit

Prism The spectrum of which I speak
is an arrangement of light
that is diffused into colourful rays of
the glorious radiance of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit at Work

I have seen the Holy Spirit come down upon all levels of indigenous tribal cultures from Borneo in Asia, to the indigenous Andean Indians, the Quechua descendants of the famed Incas, who live the Sierras of the mighty Andes, which stretch 4000 miles from the northern part of South America until they disappear in the far south near Tierra del Fuego at land's end.

It has been wonderful as the Lord has taken this ministry up into the Sierras of the Andes (and believe me it was physically cold up there), but when the powerful glow of the Holy Spirit fell upon those Quechuas, it was a sight to behold; a spectrum of the Holy Spirit with an unbelievable variety of spiritual coloring. I was like what Jesus demonstrated in Matthew 11:5:

God has employed the same levels of His power to be a "PRISM", reflecting and redirecting the light of the glory of His power TO SHINE IN BLAZING BRIGHTNESS, EVEN AS THE FIRMAMENT, TURNING THE SALVATION CONTAINED IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS upon those needy indigenous cultures.

We observe the "PRISM" activity of the Holy Spirit moving fully in Daniel 12:3:

The Holy Spirit turns and redirects the light from the prism to THE PERSON OF JESUS CHRIST. The prism spotlights and magnifies the work of JESUS.

God has afforded this privilege to every true, blood–washed, Holy Spirit–filled believer in the Name of Jesus. We are to experience and enjoy the brightness of HIS glory, as HE moves upon our lives, enabling our spirits to become clear as "crystal." The light that is reflecting upon our spirits, then becomes a "prism" in redirecting God's light of salvation to all others in the world, in accordance with 1 Peter 2:9, which says:

This is the only way believers can really shine. May we never forget that.

The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 4:6 & 7:

The Amplified Bible reads:

When we portray, emphasize and magnify the face of Jesus and all HE represents, then there is an illumination of JESUS into the hearts of others. It requires the "face of Jesus" to drive out devils. In Luke 8:26 & 29, when the demons of Gadara saw THE FACE OF JESUS, they fell down before Him.

Mighty Deliverance

During one of the crusades in Ethiopia, in a town called Debre Zeit, God granted a mighty deliverance to a man who was violently possessed by demons. From his cell of incarceration, this man was carried to the crusade bound hand and foot with strong chains, which were never removed. The man was so violent that he had been fettered for six years. Jesus is the answer. When those demons saw THE FACE OF JESUS, they fled.

THE SPECTACULAR SPECTRUM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT in the most spectacular deliverance was surely that of this man. A local pastor said that the man had always scowled continuously and had never been known to smile – until the demons were cast out of him! Afterwards, the evangelist requested the guard to unlock the padlocked shackles from his hands and feet. The evangelist then embraced the now smiling, liberated man who had been set free in a moment of time by the overwhelming power that is in the name of JESUS!

The pastor wrote: "This was a mighty work of the LORD. I wept in tears of joy along with other brothers and sisters who witnessed the spectacular deliverance. To GOD be all the glory! For two years we prayed the Lord would grant us a Crusade with Rev. Durman. We sent much correspondence in our efforts to obtain a Crusade date. After much waiting, thank the Lord, the Crusade materialized. WE SAW FIRST CENTURY CHURCH MIRACLES TAKING PLACE IN DEBRE ZEIT. Never before had this area been exposed to miracles of this calibre. About FIFTY were healed from tumors, hernias, goiters – all at the same time, with no one touching them but Jesus. Eyes received sight in large numbers, and the deaf and dumb were also healed. We praise and thank the Lord for everything He did!

We read in John 12:20 – 22 that during the days of the earthly ministry of the Lord Jesus, some Greeks came to worship at the feast and approached Philip saying, "Sir, we would see Jesus." This is a request which has been duplicated, not only by Greeks, but by people of all nations, in all walks of life, at times with an intensity of utter desperation due to their deep–seated problems. Sometimes the cry has even come from the children of God. We have cried, "Oh God, we would see Jesus!"

Jesus is without substitute or equal. HE alone has all–sufficiency, power, and might. In one of the crusades in Malaysia, the custodian of the coliseum came to us stating that our meetings must be over by such and such a time, which, quite frankly, was greatly hampering the things the Lord purposed to do for the sick, unless more time was granted. God, however, has ways of dealing with those who would obstruct His purposes; He is able to deal with those obstructions in amazing ways. On this subject, I am fully persuaded God has a real sense of humour.

The second night, the custodian arrived in agony of pain with an unbearable type of rheumatism. Due to having seen the power of God in action the first night, he gingerly came to one of my workers, requesting that the evangelist would pray for him. Upon hearing the request from my worker, I replied in sheer delight, "Tell him I will not only pray for him, but that God will heal him and every crippling pain will leave his joints in a moment of time." I knew God was going to move the time restriction which that custodian had placed against us.

When I prayed for him, he did physical jerks on the platfom, just like a professional gymnastic, and then there was a huge smile beaming all over his face; it was a sight to behold. As he moved down from the platform, he quickly told my worker, "Please tell the evangelist he can continue his meetings as long as he likes. Time is no problem and I will keep the doors open until he finishes." HALLELUJAH!! The custodian saw the beauty and love in the face of the Jesus who touched him. PRAISE THE LORD!

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