Creative Miracles

In Matthew 15: 30 – 31 we read:

Roy Durman Through the power of Jesus' Name, God has used Roy Durman mightily to work creative miracles. Some have stated that the days of miracles are past, saying that signs and wonders were ordained to take place only during the ministry of Jesus and His Disciples. Instead of listening to the voices of men, however, we need to tenaciously embrace the word of the Son of God, who declared in John 17:18:

After His resurrection, Jesus commanded His disciples:

His objective was to equip them with the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit, enabling them to go forth and perform the same works as Jesus. These manifestations of the Holy Spirit were to produce confirmations of the proclaimed word.

Healings are not a sign, nor a wonder. When God says "wonders", He means WONDERS! Due to the rise of the occult, which has been accompanied with various signs and manifestations generated through the negative power of Satan, God is raising up a standard against the enemy. Isaiah 59:19 states:

This can be read, "When the enemy shall come in, like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall put him (the enemy) to flight. In these last days, there has been a tremendous acceleration of demonic activities, for Satan is aware that his time is short, but the Lord is moving to counteract these satanic pressures through an increasing surge of His mighty power.

As we saw in Matthew 15 – 31, not only did Jesus heal lame legs, grant sight to the blind, and cause the mute to speak, but He also MADE THE MAIMED TO BE WHOLE! Crowds were hysterically elated to see His miracles, glorifying the God of all Creation, and we would have been just as thrilled to see it, as well. These were wonders! Think of it; Jesus was not simply healing these people, but in a moment of time, He caused them to grow parts of their bodies that had been missing, such as an arm, or legs.

Webster's Dictionary agrees with the Biblical definition that to be maimed means to be deprived of a limb, to be mutilated, to have suffered the loss of body parts. The creation, or re–creation of a missing part, is a MIGHTY CREATIVE WORK OF GOD.

Through perseverance, prayer, and faith, the Church needs to press into this area of manifesting God's wonders in the same manner as the Apostles of the First Century Church, who sought the Lord and received the promise of Acts 4: 29 & 30:


Testimonies of Creative Miracles

Gina Bustamante Gina Bustamante, aged 20, whose mouth was twisted completely out of alignment due to a jawbone deformity, received an instant creative miracle from the Lord and was made totally normal.

[Caracas, Venezuela Crusade; Miracle verified by Dr. José Ramón]

We actually saw the walls of an abdomen being rebuilt by the Lord where there had simply been a hole. The tissues were also rebuilt.

[Caracas, Venezuela Crusade; Miracle verified by Dr. José Ramón]

Jonathan CastroJonathan Antonio Duque Castro, who was born without his third rib, felt something happening in his body, which was the Holy Spirit creating his missing rib. Dr. José Ramón is standing at the far left in the photo.

[Caracas, Venezuela Crusade; Miracle verified by Dr. José Ramón]

Tamara MarcanoTamara Marcano, aged 15, who was born with only one breast, suddenly received a fully formed new breast to match the existing one.

[Caracas, Venezuela Crusade; Miracle verified by Dr. José Ramón]

John TeranJohn Teran, aged 9, who was born with only internal genitals, experienced a power pushing from within, which instantly produced visible, outward manifestation of his genitals, making him totally normal.

[Caracas, Venezuela Crusade; Miracle verified by Dr. José Ramón]

Kathleen ManzanoKathleen Manzano, aged 12, was born with spina bifida was instantly made normal as the missing spinal parts were created, enabling her to move normally in every respect.

[Caracas, Venezuela Crusade; Miracle verified by Dr. José Ramón]

A lady with an artificial eardrum, who, nonetheless could not hear because the bones within her hearing system had deteriorated, received a creative miracle and now hears. Her husband, a church organist, was tremendously excited about this miracle.

[Caracas, Venezuela Crusade; Miracle verified by Dr. José Ramón]

Downs' Syndrome Child HealedA mother had to carry her son to the crusade because he had Down's Syndrome. The child was mentally incompetent and had physical abnormalities. His mother believed God for a miracle and her son was instantly healed, as illustrated in the photo.

[Dili, East Timor, Indonesia Crusade]

Little Girl With No Ears After Roy Durman prayed for her in the Name of Jesus, a young girl born without inner ear canals or external ears was able to hear perfectly, WITHOUT EARS!
[Jabalpur, India Crusade]

Baby With New EyesA woman travelled for 30 hours to bring her baby to the crusade. The child was born without eyeballs, and the mother testified how the Lord created new eyeballs in the empty sockets!

[Jabalpur, India Crusade]

Hector de la VegaHector de la Vega was incapacitated with congenital spina bifida, which was unresponsive to medical treatment. After Jesus healed him, he was able to move with agility, free of the pain that had tormented him in the past. His healing was verified by his wife, Dr. Ruth Gerbando de la Vega, a practising physician, who also verified other miracles that occurred in the crusade.

[Rosario, Argentina Crusade]

A young woman, who had one leg 17 cm (approx. 6 inches) shorter than the other, had to wear a built–up shoe. Through a word of the knowledge, the Lord Jesus showed Brother Durman that He was healing her. No healing was apparent at that time. The next night, however, when the young woman arrived at the coliseum, she wore a regular pair of shoes and walked normally. She said that, during the night, she felt pain and strong heat, like a power stretching her bones, until her leg was fully grown. The next day, she went out and bought a new pair of shoes. This is a marvellous miracle that demonstrates that miracles can be progressive.

[Rosario, Argentina Crusade]

Edel GomezEdel Gomez was certified as legally blind for seven years, after his eyes had been destroyed. When his mother, a fervent Christian, brought him to the platform, God created retinas in both eyes. The photo shows Edel holding medical documentation verifying his previous condition. His mother is standing at his left.

[Miami, Florida Crusade]

A lady whose uterus was removed by surgery, due to many years of disease, jumped up on the platform on the final night of the meetings and testified that God had given her a new uterus! With tears flowing from her eyes, she told of how her monthly cycle had ceased after her operation, but her period had started again that day, making her totally functional and normal.

[Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Crusade]

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